2017 Pendant Berni Zipf

Made this gorgeous Pendant today. So happy with it, now I need to make a necklace for it. I think I will do that in a Russian Spiral. Will post when complete.

If you want to try this I used the pattern from this page:

~ Berni


Pearl and Crystal Bangles

This was one of the classes I attended recently at bead camp.  Quite quick and easy to make.  So made an extra one in pink.  I actually found that I had already downloaded a similar pattern from Bead Infinitum, see link below.

Purple Pink Bracelets

Purple and Pink Bangles made using pattern from Bead Infinitum

Purple Bracelet

Purple Bangle made using pattern from Bead Infinitum

Pink Bracelet

Pink Bangle made using pattern from Bead Infinitum

Thanks for looking.

~ Berni

Link to pattern used:

Hugs and Kisses Bracelets

Hugs and Kisses Bracelets

I am just lovin making these Hugs and Kisses Bracelets.

Do a google search and you will find lots of tutorials and intructions for them like this one:

or this one:

I use elastic thread so they are stretchy and easy to get on and off.  I like to use the thicker 1mm thread and this can be a problem as I make several passes through each bead.  I am always trying to find beads with a larger hole.  I have even resorted to asking my husband to drill out beads to give me more room for the elastic.

Anyway just wanted to share my creations. Thanks for looking.

~ Berni


Ok I have finally decided to start using my blog properly.  First of many posts!!

I made this bracelet and earring set on the weekend.

I mostly followed the instructions by Tatiana Shapovalova from this website:

Just the way I joined the individual beaded beads was slightly different.

Pink and White Bracelet Earrings